America Lodge: No. 3368

W.Bro Mark RosenSLGRSecretary
W.Bro Bob OsbourneLGRCharity Steward
W.Bro Lindsay MorganLGRAlmoner

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Lodge History:

At the beginning of the 20th century, the expansion of commerce between Great Britain and the United States Brought to the American colony in London an increasing number of business and professional men, Americans had been joining English lodges.

Two lodges had, in a special way, endeavored to attract Americans interested in Freemasonry: Anglo American Lodge no 2191 and Colombia Lodge no 2397. As time went on the Americans were desirous of finding a “home abroad", a purely American Lodge, They were reminded that the Germans, French and Italian, had their home lodges, so early in 1909 discussions on the proposition began. The moving spirit was Frederick Conkling Duzer, who had come from Newburgh New York in the 1880s?, was initiated into Canterbury Lodge no 1635 in 1889.

Associated with W. Bro Van Duzer was W. Bro R. Newton Crane, a distinguished lawyer, Subsequently Master of the bench in Middle Temple and King's Council, There were 25 Founders (whose names are recorded) From 17 lodges. America Lodge no 3368 was consecrated on Thursday June 3, 1909, at Freemasons Hall. The consecrating officers were Most Worshipful. Brother the Rt Hon Lord Ampthill, Pro Grand Master; Right Worshipful Brother the RT Hon Lord Athlummey and other very distinguished Grand Officers, Following the ceremonies a banquet crowned the day at the Savoy hotel.

The following cable was read: ”To Master designate, I congratulate and greet you and the brethren of America Lodge on the day of your Consecration and salute your Lodge on its peculiar creation. As an additional evidence of British good feeling towards the United States and an additional bond between the English and American Masons and Nation William Howard Taft." A month later President Taft became an honorary member of the Lodge Brother Taft wrote a charming letter expressing his appreciation of the honor from the Lodge and the hope that he might someday attend its meetings W. Bro Van Duzer applied his genius for organisation, to the formation of an association of, Anglo foreign lodges; The first festival of this association was held on March 10, 1910, only nine months after the founding of America Lodge. These festivals and the interchange visits between, the Masters of the Anglo Foreign Lodges continued until 1914, when world War one caused them to be postponed; they were resumed in 1932 and continued up to 1939.

Instead of a Past Masters jewel, it was decided to present a miniature jewel and scale replica of a silver gilt cup given to Pembroke College, Cambridge, in 1470 by Dr Richard Sokborn, Inscribed on the band around the top is the dedication in Anglo-Saxon which being transcribed, reads “Saint Denis it is very dear to me: for her love, drink and make good cheer"., Whilst Denis does not enter perceptibly into the Masonic working, All past Masters used to bring their cups to the annual installation ceremonies and tried to carry out the injunction, So far as it relates to good cheer.

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