Hodford Manor Lodge: No. 6084

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Hodford Manor Lodge was consecrated on 9th July 1945. The proposing founder members were all friends who lived in the Colliers Green District and were anxious to preserve their Masonic friendship amongst themselves but also to provide Masonic facilities for men in their district, which was at the time and for some years a rapidly growing area.

Over the years we have welcomed members from all walks of life and various backgrounds, and are particularly proud that despite the fact that in the early eighties our Lodge was in danger of handing over the Charter and facing closure, but thankfully some Brethren, predominately from Kypros Lodge 8595 encouraged by our late Brother Chris Toumazis, who became the first British Cypriot to join, followed by another late Brother Elias Ellis, and a group of others who swiftly joined thereafter. As a result of those joining members, our Lodge grew and now boasts over 35 members.

We presently have fathers and sons, cousins, and friends together as members. We are humbly proud in that the spirit of our predecessors when applying for the consecration has been maintained by our present members, and aim to keep it that way

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