The Anglo Foreign Lodges Association has a long and celebrated history as a joining together and celebration of Lodges and Freemasonry with International heritage.

From the humble beginnings of 4 lodges the present collective represents 14 different lodges and provides a platform for the sharing of knowledge, ritual and demonstration across International practices.

Like all of Freemasonry, AFLA is not an exclusive club and we are always interested in expanding our membership to include other Lodges which shares the same interests and ethos in celebrating Masonic internationalism. Your Lodge would also have the honour of being a Banner Lodge during one of the biennial ceremonies.

If your Lodge is interested in learning more, or wish to have discussions with AFLA please feel free to use the contact form below, or contact the AFLA Secretary direct.


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Should you wish to join us or require any further information please contact:

The Association Secretary:
W. Bro. Bruno Maini